Virulence Inactivating Protein™ (VIP™)

Novel biological solutions for reducing the risk of gastrointestinal infections in animals and humans


Bactolife™’s solutions (VIPs™) are designed to reduce virulence of gastrointestinal pathogens, minimizing unwanted interactions with host and low propensity for resistance development.


Bactolife™’s solutions (VIPs™) are based on establishing a healthy microbiome able to avoid the disease onset through reduction of virulence, making pathogens unable to dominate the gut.


Due to the unique design of Bactolife™’s technology, our VIPs™ are stable, highly cost-effective, and can be produced in large-scale using state-of-the-art systems for biomanufacturing.


Bactolife™’s VIP™s are orally administered, stable, and easy to use.

Virulence factors, colonization tools

Pathogens express a wide variety of virulence factors, which allow them to overcome colonization resistance and survive in the harsh environment present in the gut.

Virulence factors enable pathogens to cause enteric infections, a major cause of morbidity and mortality globally.
Virulence factors have evolved to enabling host colonization and immune evasion, in order to sustain the infection.
Including toxins, molecules associated with attachment, and factors required for modulation of the host environment.
Virulence factors play a key role in inflammation initiation and shaping of the luminal microenvironment.
Pathogens do not need to express virulence factors until they sense the timing and location are right to maximize their fitness.
Virulence factors are essential to enable pathogens growth in the gut in the presence of commensal microbes.

The holobiont, explained

The holobiont is the entity comprised of the host and all of its symbiotic microbes. These microbes may be transmitted vertically or horizontally, may be acquired from the environment, and can change.

Improving collaboration between humans, animals, and the microbiome

Awareness of the impact of the microbiome on human health has increased in recent years and there is a need for re-evaluating what makes up a person and the way we treat and handle infections. In Bactolife™, we work towards equilibrium rather than eradication of components of the holobiont.

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