New members: Lone Gram (center) & Fredrik Bäckhed (right)

Category: Company growth

Date: May 2020, Copenhagen Denmark

Meet the team

Bactolife™ has established collaboration with Professor in Molecular and Clinical Medicine, University of Gothenburg, Fredrik Bäckhed, and Professor in Bacterial Eco-physiology and Biotechnology, Technical University of Denmark, Lone Gram, in order to establish a Scientific Advisory Board. The Board will be headed by Bactolife co-founder and Associate Professor Andreas Hougaard Laustsen.


The Board will advise Bactolife™ in relation to research and development activities, as well as in matters relating to product testing both preclinically and clinically. Combined, the Board has expert knowledge on gastrointestinal health, microbial ecophysiology, antibiotic resistance development, and antibody discovery.