How did venomous snakebites, industrial biomanufacturing, and family vacations lead to the establishment of Bactolife?

Back in 2016, Mads Laustsen and his son Andreas Laustsen-Kiel went on a vacation with their family. Here, they realized that some of Andreas’ ideas on how to neutralize snake toxins could be combined with Mads’ decades of experience with industrial biomanufacturing of enzymes and therapeutic proteins to fight resistant bacteria and infections in a novel way.

Seeing that their knowledge could be combined and so, to advance beyond an idea, they invited long-term colleagues, Per Falholt, Sandra Thrane, and David Kauffmann, who had complementary expertise in industrial biotech, microbiology, and biotech investments, and together they founded Bactolife in 2017 with the mission to develop solutions for disrupting pathogen virulence.


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