Microbial protein expression lead

We are looking for a seasoned scientist to join our discovery team with the task of securing cloning and expression of a broad range of microbial proteins ranging from secreted toxins to membrane proteins.

You will become a key player in the R&D team where your target will be to identify, secure access to, and implement a broad panel of microbial expression platforms and complimentary cloning tools for a diverse range of protein targets for our Binding Proteins™. Bactolife performs expression across E. coli, Pichia, and Bacillus, and with our ambitious project portfolio, we need to broaden and solidify our capabilities for rapidly preparing mg quantities of target proteins at high purity.

The successful candidate will get the chance to significantly influence and impact the build-up of Bactolife as a stand-alone pipeline company, interacting with all our projects and supporting activities relating to both Research and Development.

About Bactolife™

Bactolife is a leading company in the field of pathogen neutralization for maintaining gastrointestinal health using Binding Proteins™. We use this proprietary technology to develop novel biological solutions, balancing the gut microbiome, and helping solve the daunting challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) development and the general burden of infectious diseases. At Bactolife, we understand that we need to revise the way we handle infections. As infants are protected from pathogens by maternal antibodies present in breastmilk, Bactolife’s Binding Proteins™ are food and feed products which emulate such protection by binding to virulence factors (i.e. toxins and adhesins), thereby reducing the virulence of pathogens. We strive towards generating measurable impact on society and bioeconomy by application of frontier business development, protein science, and research excellence.

See more at: http://www.bactolife.com

Responsibilities and tasks

Bactolife is a fast-growing biotech company with exceptionally collaborative and entrepreneurial DNA at its core. The ideal candidate enjoys working in a fast-moving and professional environment with a strong startup spirit and a drive towards scientific and commercial excellence. Your primary tasks will be to work closely with our team of R&D scientists to identify and fill gaps in our ability to clone and express a broad range of proteins for our Binding Proteins™ discovery, characterization, and development. Focus will be on our microbial cloning and expression toolbox, improving understanding of the tools we have and identifying new ones. You will further standardize and codify the way we do this for our full value chain from idea generation to immunization, and all the way to facilitating the development of QC methods for the final Binding Proteins™ products.

You will work closely with, and as an integrated part of, our R&D team – and externally with vendors, service providers, and CROs.

Your daily workplace will be at Bactolife’s newly established lab/office at Rønnegade 8, Copenhagen Ø.


  • PhD in molecular biology, microbiology, or equivalent
  • Postdoc or industrial experience in molecular microbiology, preferably working with one or more of E. coli, Pichia, and Bacillus
  • Extensive experience with hands on microbial lab work including cloning, and development of new cloning approaches or troubleshooting of existing ones
  • Experimental planning and analytical skills to interpret your results and direct next steps of the research effort
  • Experience from industrial biotech working with method optimization or product development will be a plus
  • Be able to work independently on multiple tasks in parallel
  • Be proactive, resourceful, and a team player
  • Have excellent social skills and enjoy supporting the work of others
  • Fluent in English – both verbally and in writing

Further Information  

Additional information may be obtained from COO Anders Gram, agr@bactolife.com or CSO Sandra Thrane, SWT@bactolife.com.

Application procedure

Please submit your online application no later than 15 January 2023. Applications must be submitted as one PDF file containing all materials to be given consideration. To apply, please send your application by e-mail to career@bactolife.com, and attach all your materials in English. The file must include:

  • Application (cover letter) including a section detailing the cloning tools with which you have working experience
  • CV
  • Recommendations

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, religion, or ethnic background are encouraged to apply. However, the candidate must already have a valid work permit for working in the European Union.

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