We strive to empower worldwide health through a fortified gut microbiome


We take a unique approach to worldwide health for the greater good of humans and animals by making breakthrough Binding Proteins™ accessible to all


Bactolife is based on innovation, expertise and integrity


We look at things in a different way and approach challenges without fear of failure. We are committed to a holistic approach that enables us and our partners to defend worldwide health against everchanging threats. We look at health from all angles, to understand the bigger picture and develop far-reaching solutions for the greater good of humans and animals​


Transparency ensures that we stick to our moral and ethical principles. Our goal is that Binding Proteins™ should be available to all, not just the few. That is why we put every effort into developing affordable, innovative solutions. For our customers, this means they can produce pioneering functional foods that give people access to healthy habits and pioneering animal feed that helps farmers ensure healthy livestock


We stand by the principles of science. We are thorough, methodical and prioritize proof. Our high scientific standards are matched by our commercial excellence. Our dedicated people set the bar high to ensure our customers succeed. With one of the most exciting teams in the industry we are dedicated to staying ahead, growing, and be among the leading players in the market

Our story

In 2016, Father and Son, Mads Laustsen, and Andreas Laustsen-Kiel went on a family vacation. Here they realized that some of Andreas’ ideas and research in toxin neutralization from snake bites, could be combined with Mads’ lifetime experience in industrial biomanufacturing of enzymes and therapeutic proteins. This sparked the idea of supporting the body against gut infections in a novel and affordable way.

To turn an idea into action, Mads and Andreas invited long-term colleagues, Per Falholt, Sandra Wingaard Thrane, and David Kauffman, to join them in their venture. Jointly, the five of them mastered the field of industrial biotech, microbiology, and biotech investments, and together they founded Bactolife in 2017 with the mission to develop binding proteins to help maintain healthy microbiomes in humans and animals.


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Our partners and investors enable us to empower worldwide health

Bactolife's Hiring Journey

Your path to joining our mission starts here. From the moment you submit your application, we're with you every step of the way. Expect a process that respects your time and contributions, providing feedback regardless of the outcome.


Your journey begins here. Fill out our form, share your experiences, background, and motivations. We're eager to understand your story.


After receiving your application, our team diligently reviews it. We genuinely want to understand your journey and intent to respond within 2 weeks.


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We explore further to understand mutual fit. This might include more detailed discussions, and potentially case studies.


If everything aligns, you will receive an offer to join the Bactolife team.