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Animal health

Responsible animal production is essential for establishing a sustainable food supply chain and accommodating consumers worldwide.

Animals experience health issues, including microbiome dysbiosis, which affects productivity through poor feed conversion and the need for medication. A healthy animal is good business, and supporting and sustaining a healthy gut microbiome in production animals is essential. 



>50 %

of piglets are infected with E. coli


estimated annual production loss related to post weaning diarrhea

8 %

mortality related to post-weaning diarrhea

> 0 %
of piglets are infected with E. coli
estimated annual production loss related to post weaning diarrhea
0 %
mortality related to post-weaning diarrhea
active projects in animal health



Ablacto+ is a feed additive comprising Binding Proteins™ which effectively reduces the risk of ETEC-related post-weaning diarrhea

In a collaborative project, we are developing an alternative to medicinal zinc oxide, which have been used in pig farming since the 1990s to manage post-weaning diarrhea in piglets.  As the European union has banned zinc oxide from 2022 due to a risk-benefit analysis, a more sustainable solution is needed.

The project is supported by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food (GUDP program) with partners; Novozymes, Technical University of Denmark, SEGES Danish Pig Research center, and Aarhus University. Commercial development of Ablacto+ is ongoing.


Safeguarding gut health the right way

Bactolife’s Binding Proteins™ are a revolutionary new way of fortifying your gut microbiome by neutralizing the effects of the harmful microbes without destroying the beneficial ones. This is how we can nurture every infant’s microbiome and gently prevent childhood illnesses. It’s how we can protect the elderly. And it’s how we can ensure a balanced gut microbiome is as easy as reaching for a snack. That’s why we believe the good life starts with your gut.