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Travelers & deployed

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Travelers & deployed

Focus areas

Travelers & deployed

When traveling or deployed, you are exposed to a different environment and different habits. Unfamiliar harmful microbes can be introduced to your gut, and lead to an unbalanced microbiome. Taking care of your gut health while traveling is more complicated than just staying away from polluted water or food, and the modern lifestyle does not make this easy. Maintaining good gut health while traveling or deployed is even more challenging.

Our gut microbiome consists of a carefully balanced system full of beneficial and, at times, harmful microbes. An unbalanced gut microbiome at best means stomach upsets. At worst, it can lead to life-threatening illnesses.

An unbalanced gut microbiome can manifest when unfamiliar harmful microbes are introduced, the use of medication due to other health problems while abroad, or simply due to the change of habit. The sparse access to healthcare and other remedies when traveling or deployed makes it hard to support a healthy microbiome while away.


1.5 M

infant deaths could be avoided if all children were breastfed

2.8 X

more likely to develop gut problems if not breastfed

19 %

of deaths under 5 years of age in Africa are caused by diarrhea

> 0 %
of travelers in high risk areas have gut problems
0 %
of deployed reports lost duty days due to gut problems
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Safeguarding gut health the right way

Bactolife’s Binding Proteins™ are a revolutionary new way of fortifying your gut microbiome by neutralizing the effects of the harmful microbes without destroying the beneficial ones.

This is how we can nurture every infant’s microbiome and gently prevent childhood illnesses. It’s how we can protect the elderly. And it’s how we can ensure a balanced gut microbiome is as easy as reaching for a snack. That’s why we believe the good life starts with your gut.