Strengthen your product with a easy-blending, science-driven gut health ingredient: Binding Proteins™

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Illustration of toxins being bound by Binding Protein™ in the gastrointestinal tract*
Illustration of toxins being bound by Binding Protein™ in the gastrointestinal tract*
Your gut microbiome is a carefully balanced system, full of both beneficial and, at times, harmful microbes. Instead of treating gut infections by merely killing off harmful microbes, we build on nature’s design to develop a suite of Binding Protein™ ingredients with an infinite number of uses.
Our Binding Protein™ ingredients bind specifically to toxins and other risk factors produced by harmful microbes. This neutralizes their negative effects before they can become an issue in the gut, all without harming the beneficial microbiome. It’s a revolutionary new way to approach gut health.
Versatility in any format
Expand your product line effortlessly. Whether it’s a beverage, food or supplement, our Binding Proteins™ blend in seamlessly
Highly specific and targeted
Go beyond general solutions. Our Binding Proteins™ are designed by nature to target and neutralize specific harmful toxins and other risk factors
Consistent stability
From production to the shelf, our Binding Proteins™ remain stable. Count on consistent performance

Sensory neutral
Enhance gut health without compromising taste or texture. Preserve the original product experience

Stay ahead in the world of functional ingredients

Dive into next-generation innovation
with our new ingredient*
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