January 4, 2023

Bactolife appoints Sebastian Søderberg new CEO

Bactolife appoints new CEO, Sebastian Søderberg

Copenhagen, 4 January 2023: Bactolife announced today that Sebastian Søderberg has been appointed new CEO of the Bactolife as part of a planned succession. Sebastian is an experienced leader and entrepreneur within bio-industrial business and innovation. He will succeed Co-founder Mads Laustsen, who assumes the role as Strategic Advisor to Bactolife.

In addition to the CEO changes, Thomas Gadegaard has been appointed SVP of Finance & Accounting, and Julie Rastad SVP of Business Development & Marketing. Both are stepping into the Leadership Team as of 1 January 2023.

With the new Leadership Team in place, Bactolife is well equipped to take on the next chapter in our development and commercialization of Binding Proteins™ with the vision to empower health worldwide through a fortified gut microbiome.

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