May 1, 2024

Bactolife establishes Commercial Advisory Board 

Our two new commercial advisors. From left to right: Mike Glick, CEO at Goode Health, Board Member at Oterra and Christoffer Lorenzen, CEO at Karo Healthcare, Venture Studio Director.

Bactolife™ is pleased to announce the formation of our Commercial Advisory Board, welcoming two external advisors, Mike Glick and Christoffer Lorenzen, who both bring crucial expertise within the health and food ingredient industry. The Commercial Advisory Board is an important addition to the Bactolife team and will help refine our strategy, reinforcing our commitment to delivering scientifically validated food ingredients that truly address consumer needs and improve gut health for millions of people around the world. 

“We are very excited to inaugurate the Commercial Advisory Board at Bactolife. This initiative is a stride forward in fortifying our market approach with robust commercial and strategic expertise. The Board’s diverse experience will undoubtedly enhance our ability to deliver on our promise of innovation for pioneering a new understanding of gut health,” says Julie Rastad, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. 

The Commercial Advisory Board will consist of two external advisors; Mike Glick (CEO of Goode Health), who brings strategic vision and extensive experience in the health and wellness sector, as well as a transformative tenure at Abbott Laboratories, where he demonstrated a profound capacity for scaling nutritional brands to market leadership; and Christoffer Lorenzen (CEO of Karo Healthcare) who brings commercial acumen and strategic leadership from both Chr. Hansen (now Novonesis) and Karo Healthcare. The two will be supported by the Bactolife Board members, Chairman Jørgen Rugholm (former Partner at McKinsey & Co.), and Rhonda Hoffman (EVP, Chief Growth Officer, Pharmavite). Combined, our Commercial Advisory Board will help guide Bactolife’s Binding Proteins to commercial success and empower worldwide health by fortifying the gut microbiome.

Christoffer Lorenzen 

Chief Executive Officer at Karo Healthcare. Board Member at Oterra. 

Christoffer Lorenzen is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in leadership roles within the healthcare and food industries. Currently serving as the CEO of Karo Healthcare, a European leader in consumer healthcare. Karo owns a portfolio of leading, differentiated brands, which are continuously developed and optimized, leveraging NPD, consumer insights and digital strategies to drive growth and strengthen market presence. 

With a background in commercial roles as well as corporate strategy and development, Christoffer has a proven track record as a corporate entrepreneur, driving commercial outcomes and success. His tenure at Chr. Hansen, where he served as Executive Vice President and Head of the Food Cultures and Enzymes Division, exemplifies his strategic acumen and ability to drive innovation in product development and commercialization. 

Throughout his career, Christoffer has demonstrated a commitment to driving industry-wide initiatives, as evidenced by his involvement with organizations such as EFFCA (European Food and Feed Cultures Association). His expertise in corporate strategy, business development, and leadership makes him a valuable asset to Bactolife’s Commercial Advisory Board. 


Mike Glick  

Chief Executive Officer at Goode Health, Venture Studio Director. 

Mike Glick is a visionary leader and committed entrepreneur who is reshaping the health and wellness landscape in America. As the CEO of Goode Health, he spearheads a purpose-driven company that is dedicated to delivering simple, effective, and science-backed solutions to improve everyday living. Additionally, Mike is at the helm of Palm Ventures Studio in Ohio, collaborating with a fervent team of entrepreneurs and medical advisors to develop accessible wellness platforms that empower individuals to make informed choices about nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness. 

His entrepreneurial journey was preceded by over ten years at Abbott, a leading healthcare organization, where he assumed various senior leadership roles. Notably, as the Senior Director of Adult Nutrition and Pediatric Nutrition (Global), he championed strategic initiatives that significantly elevated Abbott’s nutrition businesses, notably turning around the Ensure brand and driving global market expansion of the pediatric nutrition lineup, including Similac, PediaSure, and Pedialyte. Mike’s extensive cross-functional expertise, combined with his ardor for consumer products and innovation, renders him an invaluable asset to the Bactolife Commercial Advisory Board. 

Mike is an alumnus of Wake Forest University, holding an MBA, and he earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois. His home is in Columbus, Ohio, where he resides with his wife and their three children. 


Want to know more? Contact: Julie Rastad at jlr@bactolife.com or Sebastian Søderberg at sbsq@bactolife.com 


Bactolife is a Danish biotech company that specializes in developing innovative food and feed ingredients using its unique Binding Protein technology. These ingredients are made to enhance the health of your gut microbiome and promote gastrointestinal wellness. 

Bactolife’s platform involves selecting and producing Binding Proteins that can safely neutralize toxins without impacting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Our breakthrough ingredients have the potential to benefit all of us, but they are specifically tailored to mothers and children, the elderly, immune compromised, travelers and deployed, and even for the well-being of animals. 

Bactolife is changing the future of gut health. It’s time to go with your gut and live better. 

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May 1, 2024

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